Needle Pick Up

Found a needle?

Call the ARCHES hotline and an ARCHES staff member will arrive within the hour to pick up the needle. For priority calls an ARCHES staff member will pick it up as soon as possible. Priority calls include playgrounds, schools, and daycares.

Be ready to tell us

  • The full address
  • A description of where the needle is located
  • Your name and a call back number
  • The number of needles and any other drug paraphernalia

The more detailed your message, the faster we can find it.

HOTLINE: 403-332-0722

8:30am – 9:00pm Every Day

(With the exception of stat holidays)

Found a needle outside of our hotline hours of operation?

1.I am not comfortable or I am not equipped to pick up the needle:

  • Cover or mark the location of the needle with an object
  • Leave a message on the needle hotline number (include location, landmark, and your name/number)
  • ARCHES staff will respond as soon as we are available

2. I am willing and equipped to pick up the needle:

  • You will require gloves, tongs or pliers, and a hard sharps container (ex. a strong plastic bottle such as a bleach container or a plastic jar with a lid)
  • Put on latex, rubber or leather gloves. Use tongs or pliers to carefully pick up the needle with the tip pointed away from you
  • Make sure the sharps container (strong plastic bottle, etc.) is on a stable surface and do not hold the container while putting the needle inside. Put the needle in the container tip down and close the lid
  • DO NOT place the container in garbage
  • Call the ARCHES Needle Pickup Hotline at 403-332-0722
  • When you’re finished, wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer
What if I am poked by a needle?
  • Let the wound bleed as much as possible
  • Flush the area with flowing water
  • Wash the wound well with soap and warm water
  • Call Health Link Alberta at 811 or seek medical attention for an assessment of the risk of infection and appropriate treatment

Your health care provider will need to know:

  • Was there blood on the needle tip?
  • Was there any liquid inside the syringe? If so what color?
  • Where did the incident happen?
  • Did the needle look clean or dirty?
  • Did you bleed when you were poked?
  • Where on your body did you get poked?
  • Did any substance get injected into you, or was it just a poke?

Hospital address:

960 19 St S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 1W5

What is the risk if I am poked by a needle?

Most people will not get sick if they are poked by a discarded needle. There is however, some risk of contacting a virus such as HIV, Hepatitis C, or Hepatitis B

  • If you have been vaccinated against Hepatitis B your risk is lower
  • There is no vaccination for Hepatitis C, however it can be cured with treatment
  • If you are at significant risk for HIV you may be able to receive medication that will help prevent you from becoming infected
  • It is important to access medical attention as soon as possible to determine your risk
Needle Disposal Box locations

Needle Disposal Boxes are painted yellow and have a single round opening on the side for the collection of used needles. There are currently 12 Needle Disposal Boxes installed in Lethbridge in 11 public locations.

North Lethbridge

  1. Adams Park – south of Adams Ice Centre
  2. Lethbridge Emergency Shelter & Resource Centre, 802-2A Avenue North
  3. Stafford Drive North overpass
  4. North fence long railway tracks east of Stafford Drive North overpass

South Lethbridge

  1. Galt Gardens – by the public restrooms, under the pergola
  2. Crabb Street Parking Lot, 607-5 Avenue South
  3. Lethbridge Public Library – in the covered walkway
  4. London Road Park – 7 Street South & 7 Avenue South
  5. YWCA – by the east fence & west of the building in the alley, 604 – 8 Street South
  6. Civic Field – northwest perimeter, behind the YMCA
  7. Kinsmen Park, 900 block of 10 Street South